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This vibrant montage highlights the best of what Bite of Tacoma has to offer, capturing the essence of a family-friendly food festival in Washington. The left panel tantalizes with a close-up of great food, featuring a tantalizing pile of perfectly seasoned noodles that embodies the taste adventure awaiting visitors. The center image showcases a unique, bulbous bottle of refreshing drink, representing the great drinks available to quench the thirst of festival-goers. On the right, the scene is set for a great day for families, with a child joyfully navigating an inflatable play area under a bright sky, symbolizing the fun-filled atmosphere of this celebrated food event. This picture is a call to all foodies looking for good food and a lively time at a premier food festival.
Taste the world. Bite of Tacoma. Food Festival in Tacoma
The Number One Food Festival of Tacoma

Great Food, Great Drinks, Great for Familiy

Bite of Tacoma is the Number One Food Festival of Tacoma

This image radiates the joy and community spirit of the Bite of Tacoma food event. A group of friends are seated on the grass, basking in the sunshine of a perfect Washington day. They are enjoying great food, each with a different taste treat: one has a juicy burger, another enjoys a fresh wrap, and one is digging into a bowl of seasoned bites. Their laughter and the relaxed vibe encapsulate the foodie culture, making it a family-friendly food festival not to be missed.


Bite of Tacoma - "Taste the World, One Festival at a Time". Discover an array of local and international flavors, making it the perfect opportunity to savor a world of tastes, one bite at a time.

This image captures a joyful young girl sliding down a colorful inflatable at the Bite of Tacoma, symbolizing the family-friendly atmosphere that makes this food festival a hit in Washington. With a bright smile and eyes full of excitement, she personifies the fun and adventure that awaits at this vibrant food event, making it a perfect destination for families looking to indulge in the taste of good food and the essence of community spirit.


Unlock a world of joy at Bite of Tacoma, with delightful activities designed to spark the youngest visitors' imagination and curiosity.

This inviting image showcases a tasting flight of craft beers, an essential part of the Bite of Tacoma, where great drinks are as much a celebration as the good food. Each glass, filled with beer ranging from pale ale to stout, tempts the taste buds and complements the foodie experience. It's a moment of relaxation and enjoyment, where friends gather to toast to the vibrant food festival atmosphere in Washington.
In this vibrant snapshot, we see the back of an individual immersed in the electric atmosphere of the Bite of Tacoma food festival. Arms raised high, they exude a sense of freedom and joy, embracing the essence of the event as the sun sets, casting a warm glow over the festive crowd. It's a moment that captures the shared experience of foodies and families reveling in the tastes and sounds of one of Washington's most anticipated food events.


Embark on a sensory journey with diverse live shows that promise pulsating rhythms and spellbinding acts, right here at Bite of Tacoma.

Stroll through the cultural heartbeat of the Bite of Tacoma food festival, where art and taste collide. This picturesque art vendor's stand, nestled under the canopy of lush trees, offers visitors a treasure trove of local artworks, capturing the spirit and scenery of Washington. As the foodie fest buzzes with the joy of culinary exploration, the vibrant art scene provides a feast for the eyes, enriching the festival's tapestry of local talent and craftsmanship.


Explore the Marketplace at Bite of Tacoma: a hub of craftmanship and uniqueness, presenting a curated selection of local and international finds.


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Enjoy a large selection of beer and cider from some of the Pacific Northwest’s best craft breweries and cideries.

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